Beauty tips for your face:21 tips ,It will take your beauty to another level

Beauty tips for your face:21 tips ,It will take your beauty to another level

Beauty tips for your face

Hey my dear reader, hope you are doing well. Today I am going to give you 25 beauty tips for your face, that will work for you for sure. Kindly note this article is about beauty tips and not on makeup tips, so I will not tell you how to apply your makeup, I will just tell you what is good for your skin so that your beauty can outburst more.
So be with me till the end.

Here are these 25 beauty tips for your face 

1. Your face structure and beauty is decided by your thoughts, so think good, think positive to look beautiful.

2. Face beauty is decided by what you eat, so eat a balanced diet to have a good and glowing face.

3. Wash your face at least twice a day with a good quality face wash.

4. Avoid over makeup as the harsh chemicals in make can damage your skin cells.

5. Use ice before applying makeup as its fights against chemical found in cosmetics.

6. Drink aloe Veera juice mix with amla juice, they contain great antioxidants properties that can prevent skin cell damage.

7. Eat enough amount of dietary fat, as they are the reason for your skin glow

8. Use face mask, scrubbing and cleansing twice a week.

9. Don’t use anything that you see or read on the internet, do proper research before applying anything to your skin.

10. Don’t use multi-product on your skin at the same time, be consistent with your face wash, face cream, and other face products.

11. Use good brand face cream or moisturiser, in my opinion for normal usage you can use aloe Veera gel and for other purposes you can buy some cream which suits you. Check review before buying any cream and try to check is it suiting you or not. You can read here how to check it.

12. Always try to secure your skin from dirt, pollution and UV RAYS. It surely can damage your skin.

13. After removing makeup clean your face deeply and then apply rose water.That helps in regenerating dead cells.

14. Drink lots of water as being hydrated is the key to be beautiful so you can’t avoid this thing to be beautiful.

15. Use vitamin supplements like Vitamin C and Vitamin E, they are the good category of vitamins and required for good skin.

16. Included antioxidants on your diet and face applying mask like aloe Veera, lemon, orange

17. Don’t be just manipulative with ad shown on tv or other media, they just want to sell their product they really don’t care about your skin and you.

18. Don’t focus on changing color, if you have fair skin, it’s good enough, maintain it. But if you have not then it’s totally fine don’t need to be harsh with your skin, a human can’t be judged by their skin color. Read this article

19. Never sleep with makeup and never apply makeup just after doing facewash. Give your face some time to relax and absorb some morning energy.

20. Included cardio in your routine, it cleanses the impurity of body and skin and makes you feel more beautiful.

21. The last and most important, you are born beautiful, whatever I told you is just how you can take care of the beauty you got.

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These are the top 21 beauty tips for your face that you can use, to be beautiful. If you like this then do share with your friends and family. Also, subscribe to our newsletter to get our article.

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