About hair that every one should know

About hair that every one should know

Hey, beautiful buddies when I say hair you must think of I am going to provide you some home remedies to take, yeah, I ‘ll provide you but before that, I am going to provide you a workable depth knowledge about your hair and hair cares.

How does hair grow?

Hair starts growing from the root called follicles (cells made up of proteins).Every human born with 5 million hair follicles
When blood carrying protein nutrients feed the root cells through the blood vessels present in the scalp (skin on your head) of hair which creates more cells and that’s how hair grows.

Why we need to wash our hair ?

While in the growing process of your hair, it has to pass through oil gland which adds oil to the growing hair make it soft shiny. Soft and shiny is not the problem but it makes your hair greasy also and that is the main problem. Due to the greasy texture, you start looking dirty and that’s why you need to wash it regularly.

Before proceeding further, I want to tell you something interesting fact about hair
Once hair grows long enough it dies, that is the reason you don’t feel any pain in hair because it has already died.
So now you already have a little bit scientific knowledge about hair. Now I can explain the hair care tips.
The first thing you need to understand is your diet, a balanced diet is necessary for your hair root.
You can read about balanced diet here.
Why I am saying about balanced diet because as I mentioned earlier hair follicle is made up of protein cells so it needs protein to grow and nourish.
You use different types of hair products but don’t take care of your diet. Keep in mind your hair Is grown from roots that are present internally so first thing you need to take care of diet to keep your hair follicles healthy.
Now the question is what actually happens when you don’t provide proper nutrition to your hair root?
The hair root slowly weakens and with time it stops producing more hairs and that is the reason for your hair thinning or excess hair fall
What is the reason for your hair fall and hair thinning
First of all, you have to understand every one face 50-100 hair falls per day which is normal but more than that you can be termed it as excess hair fall.
So what is the reason of it, in simple language if I say then hair follicle (the root of hair) don’t grow hair all the time continuously, they take a break and when they take break the hair attached to that follicle will fall and that is the reason for hair fall. When a large number of hair follicles take a break at the same time you face more hair falls.

That all the about the major issue of the hair fall but at oshona, I focus more on the solution so in the next article I ‘ll come up with the solution of all your hair problems.till then stay blessed stay happy.thank you for reading

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