The true Meaning of Beauty?

The true Meaning of Beauty?

What is beauty? Do you know the real meaning of beauty?

Hey, you beautiful. If you are reading this it means either you are interested in beauty or you want to be beautiful. So here today I am going to tell everything about beauty.

First of all, I want to tell you whatever you heard about beauty before reading this, is totally wrong. Don’t believe me? Let me explain this to you if I ask what is beauty for you? You probably answer in terms of physical appearance or about inner beauty. But the answer is totally different.

The answer is there is nothing like inner beauty or outer beauty. Beauty is you only. Its starts with you lie within you and end with you. That’s the core concept of beauty.

So, as I said above, you don’t need to acquire beauty, but you are beauty.If you are reading this to know some kind of old-school beauty tips then stop reading here.I can tell you how you can care about the beauty or maintain the beauty you already got.So if you want to know, how to care your beauty then you are at right place.I am going to cover how can you take care of your outer beauty.About Inner beauty, I ‘ll discuss in another blog.Inner beauty is defined by yourself and outer beauty is in the eye of the viewer. So you don’t need to think much about outer beauty. But if I say it outer beauty does not matter then I am talking so impractical thing because people around our society judge you on the basis of your outer beauty only.So let me first talk about outer beauty, how you can maintain your outer beauty? How you can keep your skin healthy, alive and glowing.Here I am not talking about how you look good in your pics, cause there are lots of filters available to make your skin glowing in the pics. I am talking about the real natural glowing skin.There are many things which affect your outer skin, like your environment, food, products you use and genetics.Out of 4, you can’t control genetical issues, cause it will remain forever with you, but you can control the rest of three.First of all, you have to understand the fact, our face is not only a face, it is the picture of your diet. What you eat is the most deciding factor how you look. If you eat craps, junk foods unhealthy and spicy food Now and then your skin will going to be dead. If you eat healthily then your skin will be healthy.Environment: directly you can’t control this factor also but indirectly you can protect yourself from harmful environmental factors.Like for Sun, you can use sunscreenYou can read this article how to protect the skin from the environmental harmful effectAnd now comes here what product you use, it is the 2nd most important factor which decides how you look.You can read our top pic skin care products you can use to make your skin healthy.Now, at the end I want to say you, you are the most beautiful girl on the planet. But you need to take care of your body so much. YOU CAN read important component of body macro and micro nutrients.
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