B Complex Vitamins : Types,Benefits and Side effects

B Complex Vitamins : Types,Benefits and Side effects

Vitamin B complex

Hey guys, hope you are getting all happiness is life. This is another awesome article of micronutrients series. In the earlier articles, I discussed types of micronutrients and Vitamin A.If you have not read it, then go through it once. In today article I am going to discuss Vitamin B complex.

What are Vitamin B Complex Vitamins?

Vitamin B complex is a group of 8 water-soluble vitamins( The type of vitamin which dissolves in water and not get stored in our body).

Vitamins come under B complex vitamins and Benefits of B Complex Vitamins

There are total 8 water-soluble vitamins comes under B complex vitamins. These are
B1 (thiamine): helps in conversion of macronutrients into energy. In addition to that also required by cells to form ATP(also known as the fuel of body).
B2 (riboflavin): acts as antioxidants and helps in conversion of food into energy. It also activates B6 and folic acid.
B3 (niacin): helps in metabolism, DNA, and DNA production
B5 (pantothenic acid): it is one of the most important water-soluble vitamins which do lots of function like energy production, help in neurotransmitter acetylcholine, it also helps in producing, transporting and releasing energy from fats. It also helps in the synthesis of cholesterol.
B6 (pyridoxine): this is a much-needed vitamin for processing amino acids. It also helps in the production of hormones like serotonin(helps in regulating mood, appetite, sleep, memory etc), melatonin(regulate wakefulness of body) and dopamine(the hormone responsible for the feeling of happiness and satisfaction).In addition to that, it also helps in the production of red blood cells.
B7 (biotin): act as a coenzyme in the metabolism of macronutrients(protein, fats, and carbohydrates).
B9 (folate): needed for cell replication and cell production. It also helps in amino acid metabolism and hair growth.
B12 (cobalamin): play important role in neurological functioning. In addition to that helps in the development of red blood cells. In pregnant lady, this helps in fetal development.
Deficiency of B12 can leads to mood disturbance and depression.
Good to know fact is, in earlier days Vitamin B was assumed to be single nutrient but after investing and researching a lot, researchers came to the conclusion it is a group of vitamins in it.

Source of B Complex vitamins

Extracted Vitamins of B complex are found in the majority of the foods like dairy products, meats, green leafy vegetables. So it is very rare to have the deficiency of Vitamin B.
In my recommendation, all 8 vitamins are present in one tablet of B complex and it is available at a cheap rate. So I would recommend you to go for a B complex supplement. Everything in supplement present in proper proportion. So go for it.
The side effect of B complex vitamins
Anything in limit won’t be harmful to you. Two vitamins B3 and B6 In higher quantity can lead to serious side effects.
The higher quantity of B3 Can cause indigestion problems, the spike in sugar level or in some cases liver damage.
The higher quantity of B6 can cause nerve damage and skin problems.


B Complex vitamins are very essential for your body and deficiency can cause many serious diseases. So it is recommended to fulfill your daily requirement of B complex vitamins.
That is all for this article, hope you understand the details given. Have a good time ahead.

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