Balance diet definition and importance of balance diet

Balance diet definition and importance of balance diet

Balanced diet: Intro

Hey beautiful buddies, today I am going to tell you about something that you already studied in high school science chapter but the majority of people read that topic only for giving the examination.
The topic is a balanced diet, if I distribute these two words then in a simplified word it is balanced= proper amount and diet stands for what you eat in the day to day life.
Now let me explain the meaning of proper amount, if I ask you what you mean by proper amount then you will answer the quantity of food you eat.
But in the balanced means proper amount of macro-nutrients.
Macronutrients stand for nutrients that are required by the body in larger quantity. It includes Carbohydrates,proteins, and fats.
I’ll not go in much details of all three just going to give a brief intro of it

Carbohydrates: It is easily available in food and Is the main source of energy by which you are able to do all your day to day work.
It is easily available in rice, wheat, potato, milk etc. It is the cheapest macronutrient but most important.

Fats: its main function is to store energy and it is the main reason for glowing skin.

Protein: its main function is to provide structure to bone and muscles, responsible for many functioning of the body and in emergency case it provides energy to the body to survive.It is expensive macronutrients among the three and is available in milk, egg, cheese, curd, fish, chicken etc.
Now you have an idea about macronutrients now I can tell you what balanced diet is, balanced diet is comprised of 2:1:1 means your diet must include with 50% carbs,25 percent fats, and 25 percent protein. It is the diet everyone should take in normal condition.
But my question to you do you follow a balanced diet. If yes then good for you and if no then my question to you is why not? Take a pause and think.
I already described what is a balanced diet, now here is another question why a balanced diet is necessary and why I am emphasizing on it so much.
A balanced diet is so important to keep our body healthy, our body is like a machine where the different type of oil is required in the proper amount for well-functioning. If you do not provide proper nutrition to your body now or later you will get the deadly disease.
As per a current survey, malnutrition is a problem but obesity is the disaster. People nowadays are suffering more from obesity than malnutrition.
On saying about nutrition people generally reply its 4-day life what to do by eating such concisely. But eating so much in an improper amount not let you die early but make your life like death. Lots of diseases, lots of pain and many for devastating things.All these things people will only get once they start suffering.
So I am advising you no matter how unhealthy you ate till yesterday from today onwards you have to start eating healthy for a proper functioning of your body. If you want a proper diet plan customizable for you. You can contact Oshona nutritionist expert by clicking contact us.

Thank you for reading stay healthy stay blessed

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