Benefits of vegetarian diet – see the magic of being vegetarian

Benefits of vegetarian diet – see the magic of being vegetarian

Introduction – benefits of vegetarian diet

Hey, a very warm welcome to this article benefits of vegetarian diet. This is an article for everyone who is vegetarian and who is non-vegetarian. So let’s take an overview

Overview – benefits of vegetarian diet

* Introduction
* Vegetarian diet vs non vegetarian diets
* Benefits of vegetarian diets
* conclusion

Let’s get directly to the introduction In this world on the basis of food, people are categories into 4 categories
1. Vegetarian – one who eat vegetables and dairy products
2. non-vegetarian – one who eat plant-based food as well as animals
3. eggetarian – are basically vegetarian but eat eggs
4. vegan – one who eat only plant-based food and not any animal produced products, their diet is excluded even dairy products

So how are they different that I will not tell you. I am here to tell you only benefits of vegetarian diet

Benefits of vegetarian diet

1. it reduces, decreases or even reverses the heart disease
2. as per ncbi research it reduces the risk of cancer
3. Veg diet is very rich in fiber, so if you are vegetarian then you don’t need to think about fiber.
4. Veg diet is high in antioxidant, that is the reason it gives a healthy skin
5. Veg diet enhances metabolism, that is the reason you digestion become good if you eat veg diet.
6. Veg diet keeps you calm, as it does trigger hormone responsible for anger and negative emotions much less than compared to non-vegetarian diet.
7. Veg diet keeps digestion system neutral unlike non-veg which make digestive system acidic.
8. You will never feel guilty for eating innocent animals

Disadvantage of non-veg

1. The first thing you are eating somebody by killing it, just think how you would feel if someone will kill you just to eat you.
2. it increases your blood pressure, the risk of heart diseases
3. it increases the chances of obesity
4. it increases negative emotion like anger, lust etc
5. it makes your body more acidic
6. by eating animal cholesterol you are just increasing bad cholesterol inside your body.
7. it also increases the risk of cancer and diabetes
8. non-veg foods are lack in fiber, so your body needs to put extra effort to digest non-veg food.

That is benefits of a vegetarian diet, and disadvantage of not vegetarian diet. Now if you are non-vegetarians and after reading this or by own thinking to be vegetarian, then the question is how you can do it.

How you can be vegetarian -benefits of vegetarian diet

* first think about the health risk involved in eating non-veg. Except for high protein content, nothing is so super in non-veg food
* think about the animals, who are being killed just to fulfill your desire to eat them, you are just killer of all animals who is being killed due to you.
 * plant can regrow by themselves but once animal get killed, they will not rebirth
* by comparing non-veg and veg you will get you are not achieving great by eating non-vegetarian
* Watch this video and see the struggles of animals

Conclusion- benefits of vegetarian diet

Whatever you eat, don’t just forget before anything else you are a human and humanity is above all desires. What you get by eating animals. At the end of the day, animals kill an animal, a human is here to save them. If we humans start acting like animals then what is the benefits of being a human. So think about in deep and then decide it. My dear, I only can advise but you have to implement. Just think about animals pain, they are suffering due to you. This is all for article benefits of vegetarian diet, I hope you liked it and also try to implement vegetarian diet in your life by leaving non-veg. If you already a vegetarian then big thumbs up. But if you do not then think about it. Thank you for reading this article benefits of vegetarian diet. If you liked it then share it with your friends and family and show them the truth behind the tasty chicken they are eating. Also subscribe to our newsletter to get Monday, Wednesday, Friday article updates directly to your inbox. Thank you for reading take care.

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