Best hair care tips for everyone: top amazing hair care tips

Best hair care tips for everyone: top amazing hair care tips

Best hair care tips for everyone

Hey my dear reader, hope you are doing well. Today topic is relatable to all and must read for all, best hair care tips for everyone.

Everyone own hair, some long, some short, some silky, some fizzy, some thin, some thick. But there are lots of problems everyone faces regarding hairs like dandruff, hair fall, hair greying, hair thinning and many more. So here I am going to 5,6 point on each problem. So bear with me till the end.

Hair care tips for hair dandruff: how to get rid of dandruff

I am here talking white flakes type dandruff only. If you have another kind of dandruff-like on the scalp then visit the nearest dermatologist.

• dandruff is really annoying, so the first thing you need to try out for an anti-dandruff shampoo of good quality. Wash your hair on the interval of two days. Observe carefully, if it solves your problem then ok otherwise shift to another method.

• Avoid hot water to wash your hair as it may the reason for your dandruff

• Use home remedies like apple cider vinegar, curd, lemon and product with salicylic acid.

This is best hair care tips for having dandruff.

Hair fall: How to get rid of hairfall

I have already written in detail article on hair fall. If you have not read it yet go through it once.
Here I am telling you in short.
• Have a proper diet, as protein is necessary for hair growth
• Use anti-hair fall shampoo
• increase biotin and folic acid, this might be by your diet or by supplementation.

These are best hair care tips for hair fall.

Hair greying

In this two category people are found one with early age hair greying, and then another category is after 40 years of age.
But white hair for anyone is quite annoying isn’t it.
So here are the tips for make your hair black
• Never pluck out your grey hair, as it increases the speed of growing grey hair more. So never ever do it.
• Never use cheap class hair dye on the basis of tv ads, as they use the chemical which makes your hair more used too to their product
• opt for natural remedies like rosemary powder, amla powder, and black tea and many more. The best part for using home remedies is their result last longer and have no side effects.
• Avoid eating food that affects your digestion and avoids eating so many allopathic medicines. As the major cause of grey hair is directly related to your digestion and metabolism.

These are the best hair care tips for grey hair.

Rough and dry hair: How to take care of fizzy hair

• The hair that is visible is already dead, they are not alive so you need to take care of its roughness and dryness as they don’t do it by themselves.
• Use the mixture of almonds, castor, coconut, and jojoba oil, as every oil contain great amount properties and nutrients which is very necessary for your hair.

• Don’t use those shampoo which makes your hair fizzier and as always don’t be manipulative by ads as they do lots of fake promises to sell their product. But do proper research before using any product on your hair.

These are the best hair care tips for fizzy , dry hair

Conclusion for best hair care tips for every hair problem

I always say you actually don’t born with disease and issue(exception is there), you acquired it by yourself or by environmental factors.

So, if you acquired it, it means you can cure it, by observing what is the reason for your issue.
Mainly issue caused due to deficiencies of vitamins,minerals, and macronutrients.

So fulfilling it solve the majority of the issue.

That is all for this article hope you like it. If you like so then don’t forget to share it your friends and family.
If you want detailed video on each subtopics of best hair care tips for hair comment below.


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