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Hey guys , hope you are getting all happiness in life, but health is wealth so here I come with another awesome article on macro nutrients series, in earlier articles I already discussed Simple carbs, complex carbs, protein benefits, casein protein, whey protein, and soy protein.
In today article I am going talk about boy fats, how it’s healthy or unhealthy its type benefits and many more, so bear with me to get into the depth of body fats.
First of all, you have to understand the difference between body fat and food fat


I will go into depth science of this topic because the majority of people think, the food fat is same as fat that makes a person chubby and makes a person fat person, but in reality, it’s not the same fat , In reality, carbs make you fat. To clear this I am going into deep of body fat. You have to understand some of the terms to understand body fat.
Let me first start with term triglycerides, now the question is
What are triglycerides?
Triglycerides are actually the body fat which makes a person look fluffy. Body store it As fat to use it as energy for a needed time.
It is named as triglycerides because it is a large chain of glycerol molecules each attached with 3 fatty acids.
A vast amount of body fat stored in the human body as triglycerides.

From where Triglycerides formed?

Here the answer to this question makes you clear that the body fat is different from food fat.
Triglycerides can be obtained by the body in two ways, the First one is , the body made itself and 2nd by the carbs we eat, the unused Carbohydrates  are converted into triglycerides which are synthesized in our liver. Liver releases triglycerides in the form of very low-density lipoprotein from there fat cells absorb it for a longer term of storage. And the place where triglycerides stored is called adipose tissue. That is how a human being become fat.
Now you already know what is adipose tissue, now I am going to tell you the benefits of adipose tissue

Benefits of adipose tissue

• Adipose tissue insulate body when exposed in cold temperature
• It provides energy to the body for the function of the body, In case you are not eating anything from outside due to fasting dieting or any other reason.
• It protects bones, organs and other tissue from damage
• One of the important hormone called leptin which sends the signal to stop eating is produced by adipose tissue.

Types of adipose tissue

• White adipose tissue or white fats are referred to the fats of hips, thighs, belly or buttocks. The main function of white adipose tissue is to provide energy, insulation from temperature and protecting bones and others tissues.
• Brown adipose tissue or brown fats are referred to the fats which make produces heat by burning itself which means it has thermogenic property.
• Beige adipose tissue referred to brown fats occupied inside white fats.
Adipose tissue also known as body fat is very much necessary for our body, but when too much of adipose tissues are formed inside the body then it becomes the reason for many deadly diseases.
That’s all for body fats, I hope you understand what body fat is and how it is different from dietary fat.

Thank you for reading, if you like it and want to help others then share it.

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