Casein protein, benefits, and its side effects

Casein protein, benefits, and its side effects

Macro nutrient series part 4: Casein protein, benefits, and its side effects

Hello everyone hopes you are doing fine and doing great. In earlier series of this article, I discussed simple carbs, complex carbs, protein biology, and protein benefits and its component. If You don’t read it please go through it.
So in this article, I am going to talk about casein protein or also known as slow protein.

What is casein protein?

Casein proteins are the type of protein which is slow digesting protein and provide protein to our body for a longer duration of time.
From where actually casein protein obtained
Casein protein is obtained from milk and milk contain 8:2 ratio of casein and whey protein means in 240 gram of milk total protein content is 8 gram then 6 gram out of 8 gram is casein protein and 2 gram out of 8 gram is whey protein.

How it is different from whey protein?

Whey protein is also a type of protein which I ‘ll discuss in later on article. But the question is how it is different from whey protein. In terms of amino acid chain then answer Is no both of the protein casein and whey contain a complete chain of amino acids. But actually, they differ in time of digestion. It provides amino acid to muscles cells for a longer time and hence prevents muscles loss.

Best time to eat casein protein

Casein protein can be taken anytime but if you ask for the best time then it is before bed. Because during sleep you are not able to wake up and provide protein to your body. In this case, muscles may suffer from muscles breakdown. So as a savior casein protein release amino acid chain slowly to prevent muscles loss.

Benefits of Casein protein

• It prevents muscles breakdown by providing amino acids to muscles cells for the longer duration of time
• It has some antioxidants effects which remove free radicals
• It reduces triglyceride levels( it is an ester formed from glycerol and three fatty acid groups). higher triglyceride level can cause liver diseases, kidney disease and many more).
• It provides support to the immune system
• As per research it also shows fat loss faster over those who don’t take casein protein

Side effects of casein protein

Here, this differs from person to person but in generalize, there is no proven side effect of casein protein. Some people have digestibility issue of protein. But it’s your call if it’s not suiting you then don’t go for it.
How much casein
Its again differs from person to person but in generalizing way every person needs casein protein, specially before bed. Yeah, the quantity may differ from person to person, like a person who do high-intensity workout can take up to 40 gram of casein protein and who don’t can take up to 15 gram of protein.
The best source of casein protein
Casein protein cheapest and best source are dairy products like Milk, curd, panner.But these are not the lean source of casein protein, you will get extra macros in it also. So if you want to go for lean casein protein then the best option is a supplement.
That’s all for casein protein. I hope I cleared your point. Thank you for reading. Have a nice day ahead.


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