Get glowing face – If you don’t do this you will ruin your face

Get glowing face – If you don’t do this you will ruin your face

The things you should avoid if you want good and bright face

Hey guys, hope you are doing well and achieving all happiness in your life. In today article I will be going to talk about your daily routine you should avoid and daily routine you should opt if you want your skin glowing and good.
In this hectic schedule of life and money making the world we forget to care our skin and body. Our busy schedule makes us that much busy that even if we want to make time for our face we aren’t able to get it.
So the first tip you should avoid for good skin is to stop avoiding skin care. At least 15 min a day you should spend time on your skincare especially of the face. As your body is covered with clothes but the part which is directly in contact with environmental bacteria’s and harmful rays is face. You can hide it for some time but not for all the time so the only thing you can do in case of the face is starting giving time to it. It’s your face you have to take care of it. It includes cleansing, scrubbing, and moisturizing.

Avoid refined sugar and its products

Refined sugar is very dangerous for our body and skin. They are also known as empty calories means they have no nutrients in it only calories. Refined sugar also a major cause of acne and wrinkles. But people it so much refined sugar it includes sweets, candies, tea with lots of sugar, cold coffee with lots of sugar. Everything you like most in sweet things is mostly made up of refined sugar.

Drink lots of water

Water is life and life is water. Every part of your body requires water. At the time of birth human body is made up of up to 75% of water and with the passage of time it becomes 60% in male and 55 % in female.
Even your bones which is hard surface needs water for its function. I will explain about water in another article.
But here I am talking about skin, your body needs to hydrate as skin cells need a lot of water to be alive so keep drinking water at least 2-3 liter per day.
Eat lots of raw vegetables
This is the most avoidable thing is vegetable raw one. Raw vegetables are great for skin and body. Raw vegetable contains lots of fibers,minerals, and detoxification property remove your free radicals and provide proper nutrition to skin cells and raw vegetable also help in losing your fats especially belly fats.

Avoid outside food

Eating outsider food, junk food is totally unhealthy for your body. You already know this fact but how much you follow it.There is a huge crowd at junk food stores and stalls. You are damaging not only skin cells by eating that but also your body. For a longer term, it will cause you some serious disease. So always prefer homemade hygienic food.

Avoid touching your face all the time

It might be possible you have a habit to touch your face all the time, but hands contain lots of bacteria which are totally unhealthy for face and it may damage skin cells or cause wrinkles and pimples. So try to avoid that.
That’s all for today hope you liked it. Thank you for reading, take care.

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