How to eat oats: Benefits, side effects and a healthy recipe

How to eat oats: Benefits, side effects and a healthy recipe

Oats: how to eat oats

Hey my dear readers ,hope you all are good and living a healthy life.Today I am going to tell you about how to eat oats , benefits of oats ,great recipe of oats and many more. So enjoy.

Breakfast is the very essential part of daily routine. I am a nutritionist so always recommend to have oatmeal for breakfast because good quality of oats free of impurities make you feel and look better on inside and out.
Oats are incredibly nutritious.
I am recommending Oats because oats have a good amount of micronutrients. If you don’t know about micro nutrient then read here. In addition to micronutrient, it also contains antioxidants which help in removing free radicals.
Trust me if you will include oats in your breakfast, you will see the miraculous effect on your health.

Let’s have a look into the history of oats

Oats history is so old, in addition to food oats are used for skin problems, nerve problems and many other diseases since 2000 years.Some health benefits & changes you can see in your body when you eat oats every day.

Benefits On skin in addition to eat oats 

Your skin will look better, oatmeal is ideal for treating inflammatory conditions like, Eczema, dermatitis, skin rashes and promotes healthy skin overall as we know it contains a wide amount of vitamins & minerals which cleanse the skin & remove toxins & other harmful compounds. It also minimizes large pores which give rejuvenating effect.
Regular consumption of oatmeal prevent obesity and weight gain since it has the ability to keep you full for longer and curb food cravings, you’ll notice positive changes in your body in a couple of ways. It will boost your energy and provides fiber that will keep you full longer.

Oats have a low-glycemic impact when consumed in the morning and it will provide you with a good source of energy throughout the morning hours, without a dramatic increase or drop in sugar levels.

Oats in terms of weight loss

Oats have very fewer calories and also act as filler, so your tummy full for a long time once you eat it. On the other hand, oatmeal helps you eat less throughout the day. This will result in weight loss and fat loss in the body.

some health benefits are:how to eat oats and why to eat oats 

As per ncbi oats have lots of benefits starting with Reduce cholesterol.
• Lower risk of cardiovascular diseases.
• Lower risk of heart failure.
• Strong immune system.
• Controlled blood sugar level and reduce the risk of type2 diabetes.
• Prevent cancer due to high fiber content.
• Whole grains protect from childhood asthma.
• Extend life expectancy.
• Some people are gluten in tolerant, to read more read this, so if you are one of those then best option of wheat is oats.

Types of oats and its processing:

• Oat groats: good for stuffing
• Steel-cut oats: they are chewy and production is done by cutting whole oats by the steel blade
• Old-fashioned oats: are flatter since they are steamed and they are rolled.
• Quick-cooking oats: as the name suggests, its cooking time is very less because it is in a simpler form.
• Instant oatmeal: thin type of oats made by partial cooking
• Oat bran: residue under the hull and you can recognize it by seeing as it is an outer layer of oats
All of these choices can be perfect for your meal. However, as you know the more filtration on food done, the less nutritious it becomes. So I recommend going for whole oats

The NUTRITIONAL FACT OF OATS(how to eat oats)

100gram of oats contain 389 calorie

Macronutrient you get eating oats(how to eat oats) 

Protein = 17gram
Carbohydrate = 66gram
Fat = 6.9gram
(saturated fatty acid = 1.217gm)
(monounsaturated fatty acid = 2.178gm)
(polyunsaturated fatty acid = 2.535gm)


Folate = 56.00mcg
Pantothenic acid = 1.349mg
Vitamin B12 = 0.11gm
Thiamin = 0.763mg
Riboflevin = 0.139mg

Minerals :-
Calcium = 54.0mg
Copper = 0.626mg
Iron = 4.72mg
Magnesium = 177.00mg
Manganese = 4.916mg
Phosphorus = 523.00mg
Potassium = 429.00mg
Sodium = 2.00mg
Zinc = 3.97mg

Healthy recipe so that you can know how to eat oats


Ghee/butter : 100gm
Brown sugar/coconut sugar : 60gm
Banana : 1 medium
Flaxseed powder : 2tbsp
Cinnamon powder : 1tsp
Salt : 1/4th tsp
Vanilla extract : 1tsp
Egg : 2 (optional)
Black raisins : 50gm
Dark chocolate chips : 50gm
Rolled oats : 1.5 cup (170gm)
Whole wheat flour : 3/4th cup (100gm)

Procedure : how to eat oats 

Take a bowl, mix butter/ghee, brown sugar/coconut sugar, banana, egg and blend it in a smooth paste. Then, add rolled oats, whole wheat flour, cinnamon powder, Baking soda, salt, vanilla extract, flaxseed powder mix all ingredients in a smooth soft dough. After that add black raisins, dark chocolate chips and mix it well. Then make small lemon size ball cookies with dough (with greased hand with ghee). Flatten the small lemon size ball like cookies on microwave tray. Then preheat the oven and bake @190°c for 10min. Enjoy the healthy and tasty homemade cookies in your snacks time.

This is all for how to eat oats , why it is necessary to add in your food, benefits of oats and very healthy and tasty recipe. If you like this article then don’t forget to comment your views, share with your friends and family at all social networking sites.

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