Eggs- Everything you need to know, is it dangerous for you

Eggs- Everything you need to know, is it dangerous for you

Eggs – nutritional value and its benefits

There are three kinds of people alive on this earth those are vegetarian, non-vegetarian and eggetarian
So if you are a vegetarian Then I am with you as I am also a vegetarian so if you are vegetarian then this article most probably is for knowledge.

But if you eggetarian or non-vegetarian then this is knowledgeable as well as important for you to know about eggs. So bear with me till the end to know everything about eggs.
Eggs are one of the most consumable food items around the world and US is the leader in production and consumption of eggs annually.And why not there are lots of reason to consume it.let’s start with it.

 Eggs its nutrition and health benefits

• Eggs are high in nutrition, especially it is a great source of complete protein as it contains all amino acids that are required to make protein amino acid chain complete. So if you are gym goer or building muscles then egg white would be the perfect thing for your pre and post workout. As it is a lean source of protein so you can able to consume the proper amount of protein through it.

• In addition to protein,eggs are rich in vitamins like A,B5,B12,B2,D,E,K,B6 and rich in minerals phosphorous,selenium,zinc and calcium.

• Omega 3 enriched egg contains the higher amount of vitamin E And vitamin A

• Eggs contain the great amount of choline(nutrient used in building cell membranes and reduces depression).

• Eggs are rich in antioxidants ( lutein and zeaxanthin) which reduces eye diseases
Till now I was talking about the whole egg but the thing is egg white contains most of the macros and micros nutrients. The yellow yolk is saturated fats and as per some research, it increases bad cholesterol in our body which is one the leading cause of heart diseases across the world.
But on the other hand, some researches proved liver produced the high amount of cholesterol,but if we each cholesterol-enriched food then the liver produces less.
As the researchers have mixed point of view but I would suggest anything in limit won’t be harmful.

How much eggs a day?

Now here is another important question is how many eggs you can eat per day. It depends upon you but if eating a whole egg then it is recommended not to eat more than 3 whole eggs a day. But always exceptions are there. So it totally depends upon you how much you can digest easily. As everyone has different body type and react differently to the food item they eat.
But if you are in the fitness world then you can eat egg whites as much as u want because it is one of the best and cheapest source of lean protein.
I have discussed everything you need to know about eggs and I hope you like it, however, If I missed something or you have any question to ask regarding eggs then you are welcome to comment down below. Thank you for giving your precious time and eyeballs. Have a nice day ahead.

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