Facemask – benefits,usage and why it is important

Facemask – benefits,usage and why it is important

Face mask: Intro

Face mask – Why to use facemask and Best face mask available in the market and homemade facial mask

Hey guys, hope you are doing well and living a happy life, today I am going to tell you about the facial mask, if you are in skin care regime then you must hear of it or using facemask for your skin. But even if you don’t know then today I will tell each and everything from start to end. So read it.

What is face mask or facial mask?

A facial mask is a thick paste that can be applied to the skin for cleaning and smoothing purpose once or twice in a week depending upon your skin type and skin issues. It contains minerals, vitamins, fruits and vegetable extracts based upon its ingredients.

Who can use it?

There is a great myth that only female needs to take care of her skin but in reality both male and female need to take care of their skin irrespective of gender. Skin of both men and women are made up the same type of skin cells, however, male skin is quite thicker than female but they both need to take care of their skin.
So anyone can use it, irrespective of gender and age.

How much times a week?

There is a great debate on it, some say daily some says thrice and so on and so forth. But in my suggestion, you don’t need to apply it more than twice a week. It would be more than enough for you.
How facial mask is different from normal face wash?
Some of you may say, I do facewash daily what’s the need for a facial mask. Then my dear friend face wash is used only to clean your outer layer of skin while on the other hand when you apply face mask you have to leave it for 30 min to – 1-hour depending upon ingredients. In this phase of the time face mask absorb the bacteria from the skin and provide nutrition to skin and by this method, your face gets a proper combination of deep cleaning and nutrition. The nutrition that skin gets during this time helps in removing dead cells and generating new cells, resulting in skin extra glow.

How to apply a face mask?

It depends upon what product you are using, I mean it is homemade or you bought it from the market. If you bought it from market then go for the direction written on the bottle of the facial mask.
If you are making it at your home then make sure you use right ingredients that typically suits your skin. It should be thick enough to stick on your skin. Leave it for 20-60 min to let it dry, then wash gently. If you wash roughly it may peel your skin or cause skin rashes or allergies.

Homemade face masks you can use
1.Charcoal based facemask
2. Fruit-based face mask
3. whole grain-based face mask
4. essential oil based face mask
5. mix of all
Here also I am providing 5 best face masks available in the market

Hope I cleared all doubts about the facial mask if you have any question comment down below

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