How to get rid of stretch marks in a week

How to get rid of stretch marks in a week

How to get rid of stretch marks in a week

Hey my dear readers, I am again here with another great topic how to get rid of stretch marks in a week. Stretch mark removal process before we get to the science the causes and treatment but one very important point. A lot of people let’s stretch marks affect the confidence levels of the emotional state of mind.

This is an issue the most human beings deal with it, nothing for you to feel embarrassed about, it’s a very normal issue. It affects your state of mind, educate yourself about the science behind preventing stretch marks in the long-term. How we can do that? We are going to know science about it.

The stretch marks are basically damage marks on lesions on your body. They appear in places that have slightly high of fat percentages so, that’s your chest area, your abdomen, your thighs, your shoulder, and your buttocks, they start off with a red or purple color and then transition into a white color. Now while it’s in red or purple color from, stretch marks treatable but doesn’t mean that once they turn white, they can’t be treated.

Today I will cover with you all the kinds of possibilities when it comes to stretch marks but firstly you’ve got to understand the science behind stretch marks, keep in mind every single human being is prone to getting stretch marks and that’s why from a prevention perspective it’s very important for you to know the details about stretch marks so let’s get straight into it.

The layers of skin: how to get rid of stretch marks in a week

Understand the structure of the skin, it’s got three primary layers: how to get rid of stretch marks in a week

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1. Epidermis:

it is the outer layer of your skin, the main role of this is to protect from the external world. The epidermis is divided into five layers. After every 28 days, your skin will regenerate itself, for better or worse.

2. Dermis:

it is the middle layer of skin where the problem of stretch marks arise, the main function of the dermis is giving structure to your skin and by structure, we’re talking about two important factors, pliability, and elasticity. Pliability is the ability of your skin to stretch and elasticity is the ability of your skin to reach original shape, so if I pull my skin up when it goes back down then pliability and elasticity are coming into play and its play their role through the dermis, this is the main function of the dermis. Stretch marks occur in the dermis.

3. Hypodermis:

The hypodermis is the lower layer of the skin. The types of cells found in the hypodermis are fibroblasts, adipose cells, and macrophages. It is used mainly for fat storage. 

Why do stretch marks happen: Reason and How to get rid of stretch marks in a week

Answer of the question you have to understand, the term Fibroblasts. It’s a type of cell in the body and it’s an origin cell for the connective tissue in the body. Primarily the connective tissues collagen and elastin fibers collagen.

Elastin fibers help in giving the structure, the elasticity & pliability to your skin but they originate from fibroblasts, so you can think of fibroblasts as some kind of currency for connective tissue, say suppose you have 100rs and you can buy 200 chewing gum with those 100rs. Similarly, if you have a hundred fibroblasts they’ll give rise to 200 units of collagen or 200 units of elastin fibers.

Stretch marks affect those people who have a lesser degree of collagen and elastin fibers and that also means that they have a lesser degree of fibroblasts in their body. So the real reason for stretch marks happen because your body is producing fewer fibroblasts it means more stretch marks but, what causes these fewer fibroblasts?

There are two primary reasons, firstly some people are genetically prone to having fewer fibroblasts than normal and that means they’re also prone to having more stretch marks but the second most common reason is stress when you’re stressed, mental stress or even something like physical stress through over exercising your body produces more of a hormone called cortisol. Which is the stress hormone it’s produced by our adrenaline gland when you’re in a fight or flight situation so when a dog’s chasing you that’s a fight or flight situation, your body gonna react to that external situation by increasing its level of cortisone but that also applies to situations where you’re stressed with work or your studies or your life.

Your body elevates its own cortisone levels and even if you’re over-exercising, if you’re putting your body through too much exercise more than you should be putting it through that’s when your cortisone levels get elevated a higher degree of cortisone affects the formation of fibroblasts.

So, lesser fibroblasts mean lesser collagen and elastin fibers which means more stretch marks. You are stretching your skin and because there’s less of collagen and elastin fibers when you stretch the skin, it ends up getting damaged instead of coming back into place.

What causes the stretching in the skin and where the causes of stretch marks come into play?

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1. Weight change that’s a rapid gain or a rapid loss. Usually, when you gain weight very fast your skin gets stretched more than expected and then it can’t retain its original shape in the process, the dermis gets damaged and that gives rise to a stretch mark.

If you’re someone who’s overweight and you try losing weight extremely rapidly once again rapid weight loss elevates your cortisone levels, it makes your skin more prone to stretch marks and your skin can’t keep up with your rapid weight change again that’s what causes stretch marks.

2. Pregnancy obviously, where the stomach become much bigger than it’s used to being and cortisone levels are elevated during pregnancy, so it gives rise to stretch marks in pregnant women.

3. Adolescence, since you are teenage especially in young girls but also in a lot of guys were going through a growth spurt the muscles and the bones grow very big and the skin can’t keep up with that growth of muscle and bone that’s how you end up getting stretch marks in your teenager.

4. There are also medical conditions where you get stretch marks. These are the medical conditions that make you more prone to stretch marks: Corticosteroid creams or even oral steroids or systemic steroids that’s injectable steroids.

Some common things to do: How to get rid of stretch marks in a week

So stretch marks are an extremely common issue and it’s very important for you to know how to prevent them in the long term. If you are someone who suffers from stretch marks that means your body is prone to getting them and that’s where these rules come into play what can you change in your lifestyle in order to prevent stretch marks in the long term.

1. You’ve got to keep yourself hydrated most of the time, when you are hydrated then your body produces more collagen than normal and that helps prevents stretch marks in the long term.

2. Nutrition primarily vitamin C vitamin D vitamin E and Zinc rich foods. Also, have a protein-rich diet.

3. A healthy way of gaining weight and losing weight. A healthy rate of weight gain is about 0.2 to 0.3kgs per week and about weight loss even if you’re obese, you shouldn’t lose more than 0.5kgs per week

TREATMENT: How to get rid of stretch marks in a week

If stretch marks are the raw or red/pink/purple color that’s when stretch marks are much more treatable they remain raw for 6-12 months. After that, they become white and scared that’s when it becomes a little harder to treat them and the treatment get more expensive.
The natural treatment.
• lavender oil,
• almond oil,
• lemon juice,
• Shea butter,
• olive oil,
• Aloe Vera gel,
• hyaluronic acid,
• Sugar scrub,
These work very well in most cases, massages the region where you suffering from the stretch marks it promotes the formation of collagen, but if these don’t work for you that’s when you have to go for the medical treatment.

TRETINOIN CREAM after consulting a dermatologist you can go for tretinoin cream. Tretinoin cream has been shown to completely cure stretch marks while they’re still raw. The cream encourages that region of your skin to produce new skin cells and get rid of old skin cells.

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If above does not work then opt-in for a doctor for that, but I am pretty sure these things will work for you. Thank you for reading this article How to get rid of stretch marks in a week. Share with your friends and family, keep reading
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