How to improve eyesight naturally with food : Eat these foods to get perfect vision

How to improve eyesight naturally with food : Eat these foods to get perfect vision

How to improve eyesight naturally with food

Hey my dear reader, hope you are doing great. Today topic is how to improve eyesight naturally with food.
First, let take an overview of what you are going to read in this article

• What is the vision and role of vision in our life
• What damages the eyesight
• Do and don’t to protect your eyesight
• how to improve eyesight naturally with food

Let’s get straight to the introduction: What is the vision and role of vision in our life(how to improve eyesight naturally with food)

In day to day life from morning to evening directly or indirectly everything depends upon eyes.
For example, if you don’t open your eyes in the morning then you won’t be able to see anything and so not able to do anything. On the other hand, if you don’t close your eyes at night then you won’t be able to sleep.
Apart from waking up and sleep, can you imagine a day of your life without the eye? Even if you are reading this it is also done by your eyes.
So in short if I say, nothing could be possible without eyes.
If you have any doubt on my words just keep your eye and roam around your house, you will get how strange your own house will become.

So now the biggest question is

What damages the eyesight or reason behind low eye vision?

For answering this question I refer to the source American optometric association(AOA), As per AOA the following causes low vision

1. Macular degeneration

It affects the retina and the area where images are focussed. This is the reason for blurred vision and people having this disorder find difficulty in reading or for some people it causes a blind spot in the central vision.
An exact reason not yet found but still, nutrition, cigarette smoking, and aging are the factors which result in macular degeneration. In addition to that heredity factor also play an important role, which means if any of your family members carry this disorder chances are high that you also get into this trap.
There are two types of macular degeneration

(i) Non-exudative or dry form –

This is totally age based disorder where vision loss progress is very slow. For example like your mother, father or grannies may be suffering from this disorder and they might be losing their eye vision slowly day by day.

(ii) The exudative or wet form of macular degeneration –

This is caused due to the development of abnormal blood vessels near Macau. You can see read blood fluid eyes. This is a dangerous situation so it is advisable to go to a nearby eye specialist as soon as possible.

2. Diabetic Retinopathy –

As the name suggests it is found in the patients of diabetes. As diabetes make blood vessels that provide nutrition to retina small which results in a deficiency of nutrition and over a time it can damage retina completely.

3. Retinitis Pigmentosa –

this is heredity disorder which results into night vision loss. It generally starts at Childhood phase or adolescence.

4. Amblyopia –

If you have a child or small brother sister and they are facing problem in seeing things then the probability is high that they are suffering from amblyopia. This is the disorders occurred at childhood results into a blurred vision or vision impairment

5. Retinopathy of Prematurity (ROP) –

This is disease generally occurs in a newborn infant due to a high amount of oxygen.

6. Retinal detachment –

As given in the name it is the type of disorder, it can cause complete vision loss in that particular eye. It can cause holes in retina, infection, tumor etc

7. Cataract –

this is one of another most common disorder, in this disorder partial of fully cloud formation takes place inside the eye, which results into vision loss.

8. Glaucoma –

this disorder damages optic nerve, this is caused due to inappropriate pressure circulation in the eye

I Described most of the disease in the above section, your disorder might fall into the above categories. If you want We will provide you with a detailed treatment of each disorder in an upcoming article.

Do and don’t to protect your eyesight or vision loss – How to improve eyesight naturally with food

• Never wash your eye with too hot water
• Always keep blinking your eye
• Never focus on digital device regularly
• avoid using late-night mobile
• Use cucumber or ice to relax your eye muscles
• Use eye exercise and meditation to strengthen your eyes
• Use good nutrition and supplements that improve eye
• Never rub your eyes too much as it creates so much pressure on eyes and causes vision impairment
• Use good eye drops or rose water to clean your eyes regularly
• Use the blue lens to use digital devices which cuts blue light

How to improve eyesight naturally with food

Here comes the most important factor. Surgery and many other things are possible but our aim is to provide foods that actually improve eyesight, How you can improve eyesight naturally with food. So here is the list
• Chia seeds
• hemp seeds
• flax seeds
• Carrots
• sweet potatoes
• water

AS PER American optometric association daily supplementation intake for a healthy eye should be

• Vitamin C (500 mg);
• Vitamin E (400 IU);
• Lutein (10 mg);
• Zeaxanthin (2 mg);
• Zinc oxide (80 mg); and
• Copper oxide (2 mg).

That’s all for this article How to improve eyesight naturally with food hope you like it, if you are suffering from any eye disorder comment below we will do our best to provide the best answer for you or in addition to that we also provide you the place nearby your area where you can go and take treatment for yourself. Thank you for reading How to improve eyesight naturally with food.I will provide you the link of supplementation you can go to get perfect vision.

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