Importance of Good health: 12 shocking reasons

Importance of Good health: 12 shocking reasons


Hey, hope you are enjoying a healthy life. If not then read this, I am sure you will understand the importance of good health.

Why good health is everything?

I know every one of you reading this know this fact that health is everything. But the question to you is, are you really giving so much importance to your health.

I mean what you eat, what is your daily routine, what physical activities you are doing on daily basis? Some of your answers would be, Yeah I do care about my health, I am taking balanced diet and doing a proper amount of physical exercise daily.

But this article is for those majority of people who do n’t think much about their health. I won’t waste your time much, Now let’s start importance of good health in 12 points.


• Health is wealth, is said by Ratan Tata, who is already wealthy, which means after having so much money he still said this that means health is more important than money.
• Without having good health you won’t be able to concentrate on your studies or work.
• Without good health, you would not be able to achieve anything in life.
• You could not be able to enjoy your life without having good health.
• Good health comes from good nutrition, i.e. balanced diets. Which is responsible for the functioning of different organs of the body.
• Your body itself is of million dollars, if you don’t take care of your body, you need to buy that organ later on by paying a huge amount.
• Good health provides self-confidence, self-esteem.
• Having good health helps to think better and solve the problem in a better way.
• Without having good health if you achieve success in life then you won’t be able to enjoy it.
• If you have good health you can achieve anything in life, but if you have not it, you will lose all you have.
• You can become an inspiration for many people if you own good health.
• Look, my dear friend, having bad health don’t kill you, it just makes your life tougher and you just could not be able to do anything.


So, The best thing about you is, you born perfect, at the time of birth your body, your brain and everything inside your body was totally fine. Means, you are already lucky to have a perfect body because millions and millions of child born are abnormal.

Means by the grace of God, you got a perfect body, now it’s your sole responsibility to keep it perfect for lifelong.

But because you got this perfect body, you stop caring for it.

If you are not getting a good reason to acquire a healthy lifestyle then try once. If you don’t get any result then you have the option to go back to old lifestyle.

But in my opinion, you should sure have to acquire a healthy lifestyle and then feel by yourself the importance of good health.

This is all for this article. Hope you enjoyed it. If it helped you, you can share this with your friends and family.

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