Is apple juice is good for you : Never drink apple juice it will kill you

Is apple juice is good for you : Never drink apple juice it will kill you

Hello my dear readers, hope you are living a healthy life. A very new year to all oshians. Today topic is a very interesting topic and the topic is, is apple juice is good for you or not. Or I will not specific about one apple juice, I will tell about all fruit juices too.

So let’s take an overview

Nutrient in apple juice
Benefits of apple juice
Apple juice vs raw apples
Why apple juice or other fruit juices are dangerous for you

Intro – Is apple juice is good for you

Since childhood you grown up by hearing fruit juices are good for health, but is it really the case or just misleading things.

The nutrient of apple juice

One cup of apple juice contains (248 grams)
114 calories
Fat – 0.3 grams
protein – 0.3 grams
Total carbohydrates – 28 gram

Point to consider here is 24 gram out of total carbs is sugar, which is very dangerous for you itself.

As per American heart association recommendation a normal female maximum sugar intake should be 25 gram and normal male maximum sugar intake should be 37 gram. It’s whole day recommendation, now think if you take 24 grams itself just by juice then by default your daily recommendation will surpass easily. As everything you eat on daily basis contains some amount of sugar itself.

Benefits of apple juice 

In this section, I only can say there is no any benefit of apple juice over raw apple. If you see on any packet of apple juice, you will find they only highlight the qualities of apples and not apple juice.

Apple juice vs a apple

An apple a day keeps the doctor away. It is a very famous saying, you also heard it. And it is somehow true for apple too. Because Apple is filled with lots of nutrients and disease preventing properties.

Let’s take a look at apple properties

* If we look at 100-gram apple nutrition then we get carbs – 13.46-gram protein – 0.26 gram and fat 0.17 grams.
* In addition to that apples are rich in vitamin c, vitamin B, phytonutrients(helps in the reduction of free radicals effects) and minerals like calcium phosphorous and potassium.
* Apple reduces the risk of stroke, heart diseases, and diabetes.
* In addition to that apple also improves vision and keeps liver healthy.

Why apple juice or other fruit juices are dangerous for you

But Here I am talking about one apple only and not apple juice cause one glass apple juice is made up of 3,4 apples. And if you calculate on that basis it will become like an ordinary sugary drink.
If we compare with coco cola and apple juice have a look at calories
If we take 175 ml of coca cola and apple juice we will see shocking results
Apple juice will contain – 82 calories and 19-grams sugar
coco cola will contain – 70 calories and 20 gram of sugar

So, it is as unhealthy as like any other cold drink. If you think a cold drink is unhealthy then you have to be aware of this fact that apple juices or any other fruit juices are unhealthy as well.

Now the question is, is apple juice is good for you?

A big thumbs up to single apple and a big dislike to apple juice or any other fruit juice. They are not healthy for you.


By reading above you already become aware of the fact that fruit juice is unhealthy then what is the option for that. If you want to take nutrition of fruits then go for a single fruit.
And if you want to drink juice then go for mix vegetable juices, beetroot juice, spinach juice. They are so much beneficial for your health and provide you with lots of nutrition.

I hope you understand the fact is apple juice is good for you or not.

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