How to Lose weight in 3 days: Guaranteed and tested 15 tips

How to Lose weight in 3 days: Guaranteed and tested 15 tips


Hey, welcome to oshona health and fitness. Hope you are living a healthy life. In this article, I am going to talk about how to lose weight in just 3 days.

In this era, everyone wants to fit but not everyone is able to achieve it. The result of that, you become fat instead of fit.

But today I am going to talk about some secrets which can make you fat to fit. So bear with me till the end.
I am not saying you will become totally slim in 3 days but I am sure you will see a significant amount of result in just 3 days


1.Know your body type

Here is your first task in the journey of losing weight: Know your body type, here what I meant by body type is, a human body is categorized into three types

(i) Ectomorph: these are the type of people who are lean and muscle building in their body is difficult.simply observe yourself. If you eat so much and still not able to gain weight it means you are an ectomorph. The benefit of this body type is you can lose fat easily

(ii) Endomorph: the high capability of storing fat. The body of these people become out of shape so easily. If you eat little still become fat, then you are in endomorph category.

(iii) Mesomorph: this is the best body types, this body type peoples have high metabolism rate and have highly responsive muscles cells. If everything you do responds well then you are in the mesomorph category.

So first you need to understand your body type first.

2. Calculate your maintenance calories

Maintenance calories are the calories required by your body in order to sustain. You can check it by going here.

3. Chose one

Now its time to chose one method out of three

(i) Do Intermittent fasting – eat in specific time interval and rest of the time fasting. Will discuss in detail in the next article

(ii) Be in calories deficit: It means you just need to eat less than your maintenance calories.Suppose your maintenance calories is 1200 then you need to eat 900 calories.

(iii) G flux: This is the toughest method but it can make you stronger. It means you eat more calories but burn it with your workout of cardio. There are many famous people use to do this like the world famous swimmer Micheal Phelps.

After choosing this let’s go to another point

4. Eat lots of raw vegetables

Irrespective of your body types, raw vegetables have lots and lots of benefits. In weight loss, it increases your metabolism and fat loss process like nothing else.

So if you want to lose your weight then include lots of vegetables in your daily routine.

5. Drink lots of water

You already know water is life and life is water. Our human body consists up to 60 % water. You need to start drinking water up to 3,4 liter.

6. Eat fewer carbohydrates and rely on fats and proteins

This is again an important point for you. As in most of the countries, the main source of energy is carbs and every food contains a high amount of carbs. You have to limit your carb intake max up to 160 grams. And fat you eat from food is not exactly the same fat that your body own. To know more read this difference between body fats and food fats.

7. Avoid sugar

Sugar is the enemy of fitness and friend of many diseases. The sugar you eat, instantly become fats in your body. Apart from this sugar is the reason behind many diseases. To know more read this.

8. Avoid fruit juices

Yeah I know you might be thinking, this man is mad. He is suggesting not to drink fruit juice. It’s so healthy. But my dear whatever you heard about fruit juice, everything is not true. Whether it is raw fruit juice or packed fruit juices(even are more worse) are not so healthy as they are promoted to be.
They contain the high amount of sugar that makes you fat like never before.

9. Includes different seeds in your food

Include seeds like flax seeds, chia seeds, sunflower seeds, watermelon seeds in your diet. These seeds have lots of nutrition in it. Apart from this, it makes your digestion good and thus helps in the fast processing of food.

10. Include some kind of physical work

Physical exercise is always beneficial for everyone. So how can I forget this, whether it is running or yoga, you should include in your daily routine. Nonetheless, by this method you burn your body fats faster. Try to do sprint daily.

11. Be consistent

Weight loss or become fit is not 2 days thing, its a lifelong process. Fitness should be your lifestyle rather than two days things. If you want to be fit, you need to adapt fitness lifestyle.

It won’t work if you follow a week diet and then start eating junk foods and kinds of stuff.You need to be consistent and strict towards your fitness.

12. Never give up

Sometimes you won’t get the result instantly but my friend be with it your body will start responding soon to your new lifestyle and you could achieve your fitness goals.

I hope you liked this article on how to lose weight in 3 days. If you like it then spread it to your family and friends who are not fit. Also, subscribe us to get notification of our articles directly to your mailbox.If you have any comment or views write down below.

Thank you have a nice day.

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