Saturated fats :Amazing facts and scary things

Saturated fats :Amazing facts and scary things

Saturated Fats

Hello guys, hope you are doing great and achieving all happiness in life. This is another great article of macronutrients series. In earlier articles, I discussed simple carbs, complex carbs, protein biology, casein protein, whey protein, soy protein, body fats, dietary fats, and its benefits. If you have not read it, please go through it, all are in easy language and necessary for you to know. Now in this article, I am going to talk about saturated fats which also popularly known as unhealthy fats or bad fats. But is it really that bad? You read this article and then decide it is really bad fat or there is another side of the coin too. And I ‘ll also tell you why people think it is harmful.
What is saturated fat?
The fats are divided from each other on basis of chemistry and their chemical bonding decide which type of fat it is.
In terms of chemistry, the fat molecule having no double bond between carbon molecules as they are saturated with hydrogen molecules, are called saturated fats.

Why Saturated fats are believed to be harmful?

This is totally on the basis of assumption and there is not any proof of that assumption on the human. It started with the 20th century, a heart disease became so famous for causing death. As saturated bad increases cholesterol level of blood, on the basis of that researchers assumed cholesterol is a reason for heart disease and saturated fats increase cholesterol level, so heart diseases are caused by saturated fats. But there is no any evidence experimental prove on a human has done to prove this. And they published it for the public journal on basis of assumptions only. But there is no direct connection between heart disease and saturated fats are proven yet.
So on the basis of that people still believes saturated fats are the major reason for the heart diseases.
Myths on saturated fats with an explanation
Saturated fats are the reason for heart disease – lots and lots of studies and researches done on this to find a direct link between these two. Billions of dollars spent and millions of people invested their so much time and energy on this, but at the final conclusion, they didn’t find any direct link between saturated fats and heart disease.
Saturated fat increases bad cholesterol – this is not a myth but it’s incomplete as it increases good cholesterol also so in the overall condition it does not harm the body as it was believed to.

Now the question is if saturated fats are not harmful then which fats are harmful?
The answer is trans fat and omega 6 fatty acids, acids, trans fat are so harmful type of fat, It is made by treat polyunsaturated vegetable oil with excessive chemicals, excessive heats, and other harmful metals.
It is the reason for belly fats, insulin resistance, heart disease, inflammation, and many another disease, so it is deeply advisable to avoid trans fat, vegetable oils with lots of omega 6 fatty acids.
Now the question how much-saturated fats you can take
There is no any harmful proved effect of saturated fats, and there are lots of nutrition and benefits of saturated fats, but as fats contain high calories so it is advisable to eat total fats below 60-70 gram per day including saturated and unsaturated fats.
A special saturated fat ghee, I ‘ll discuss it in an upcoming article on ghee. Thank you for giving your time.

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