Spinach soup healthy recipe : benefits, side effect of spinach

Spinach soup healthy recipe : benefits, side effect of spinach

Spinach soup healthy recipe: Intro

Hey my dear oshians, hope you are doing great in life. Another week another great and healthy recipe for you. Today recipe is spinach soup healthy recipe. So, first I will tell you the recipe of spinach soup and then I will tell you the benefits and drawbacks of spinach. So read till the end.

Ingredients of spinach soup healthy recipe 

* Spinach – 250 grams
* onion – 1 (small size)
* Butter – 2 tablespoon
* salt – as per your taste
* black pepper – 1/2 teaspoon
* milk – half liter
* corn flour – 1 table spoon
* azino moto – a small amount

Now if you read it till yet now we come to the process of making, you are a bit away from making a great and healthy spinach soup.


1. Firstly boil the spinach by adding water and little bit salt in it( you can do it in a pressure cooker with 2 whistles or in a bowl)
2. Now after that grind the spinach well into a paste, once you do it, keep it aside.
3. Now put butter on a pan and let the pan heat
4. Now put the onion and let it fry 1,2 min.
5. Then add spinach paste that you made( refer point 2)
6. Now add milk, then butter and black pepper in it. Let it boil for 5 min.
7. Now add salt as per your taste.
8. Here you go with the hot and tasty Spinach soup healthy recipe.

You can add fried bread piece to eat with this soup, or you can also use soup stick as per your convenience. Hope you liked the recipe, give it a try for sure.

Now we are coming to the second part of this article, that is benefits and side effects of spinach with its nutritional values.

Nutritional facts of spinach (raw 100 gram)

* Total calories – 23 calories
* Total fat – 0.4 gram (out of which 0.1 gram is saturated fats)
* Total Carbohydrates – 3.6 gram ( out of which 2.2 gram is fiber and 0.4 gram is sugar)
* Protein – 2.29 gram

MINERALS (in mg)
Calcium – 99
IRON – 2.71
ZINC -0.53


Vitamin A – 9937 IU
Vitamin K – 482.3 micro gram
Vitamin C – 28.1 mg

Lots of other vitamins are also present but they are in small quantity

Benefits of spinach

As spinach is loaded with lots of nutrition so it comes with lots of benefits also
* Due to high in vitamin A and Vitamin C, it is good for hair and skin
* due to high in vitamin k, it is good for bone health
* due to high in iron, you can become the iron man by eating it, lol just joking, iron is very important mineral for our body, so it can alone fulfill the iron requirement of the body
* due to high in potassium it is recommended to the high blood pressure patient
* as per research, indirectly spinach contribute to the prevention of cancer
* spinach contains alpha-lipoic acid an antioxidants which show effective results in lowering blood glucose level thus also acts great of diabetes patients.


There are not much side effects of spinach for a healthy person. But the person having non fully functioning kidney have found difficulty in filtering the high amount of potassium present in the spinach.
Also who are having thick blood and eating blood thinner vitamin K will ruin it.
Else otherwise spinach is a super food, make sure to add this in your diet daily.

These are the things about spinach soup healthy recipe and its nutritional values, benefits and side effects. Hope you liked it if liked so share with your friends and family to and be their good wishes. Also, subscribe to our newsletter to get updates of our articles on health fitness beauty and food recipes directly to your inbox. Thank you for giving your valuable time, have a nice time ahead.

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