Ways to look beautiful naturally

Ways to look beautiful naturally

  • Drink water in empty stomach when you wake up in the morning. Cleans your digestive system, no acidity and internal health system shines outside too.
  • Clean your room and go for a run, jog in your room, hit the treadmill. Or meditate. Just let your body move. It really helps to get your blood circulation going and cuts down on those oh-so-stubborn fats. All good things huh!
  • Clean your face. Diligently and regularly.With a good face wash or an Ayurvedic soap. If you have some good mom recipes even better! But don’t you skip this.Wash, tone, moisturize. Our skin gets clogged due to natural oil secretion, pollution etc. So cleaning your skin a mandate thing.


  • Once every two weeks scrub your face, neck and the entire body. It will eliminate the dead cells and you will be left with a super smooth skin. I have home pack that I use which you can try too. Rice flour and milk. Make thick paste and apply all over your body and scrub it  off. It won’t dry your skin as it has milk.


  • We all are in love with our  hair aren’t we? So what makes our hair look great? Oil. Duh! Massage lukewarm coconut oil into your scalp.Wait for few hours and wash off with your favourite shampoo. And see the magic. It will shine, have a gorgeous  lustre and you will want to touch the entire day. Apart from just using coconut oil,you can mix it with almond oil and vitamin capsules that are available in the market. Extra nourishment to our beautiful hair!


  • Umm…. my favourite daily beauty/ hygiene routine is to brush my teeth twice a day. Once in the morning after I wake up and one before i hit the bed. So the perks? You smell fresh, no stinking breath and white teeth. Voila!


  • Another thing that makes us feel good is pedicure/manicure. You don’t want to spend extra bucks at the salon?  Well, have a good smelling shampoo, rock salt, if not just have some salt. Lemons and few drops of coconut oil and a pedicure paddle (a brush basically). Heat some water and soak your feet. Put all the ingredients in the hot water and soak your feet for 15-20 mins and clean with your paddle. Once done, dry it up, apply baby moisturizer and paint your nails red, yellow, black, Indigo, whichever colour you want and those gorgeous peep-toe heels will be flaunting your gorgeous feel even more.


  • Stubborn under eye dark circles? Well, I know how it feels. No sleep or maybe you just have them. Doesn’t look good. You look tired and those questions, “Are you OK?” ” Didn’t you sleep?” So, grate cucumber and potato. Take the juices out. Mix them in a bottle and refrigerate. Or keep as ice cubes. Everyday apply all over your eyes and keep for 15-20 mins and clean it off. It will take some time but boy-oh-boy magic does it do!


  • Lastly be yourself. That’s the best way to be gorgeous!


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