Whey protein : its benefits and side effects

Whey protein : its benefits and side effects

Whey protein:Intro

Hey guys, hope you are doing well and getting all happiness in your life. This is another part of macros series. In this series, I already discussed simple carbs, complex carbs, protein benefits .and casein protein. If you have not read it yet then make sure you read it.
Now in this article, I ‘ll talk about whey protein And in later on article I ‘ll discuss plant-based protein and soy protein
Let’s start with Whey protein

What is whey protein?

Whey protein is complete fast digestible protein that give instant amino acids to muscles cells.
How whey form?
Whey can be obtained from milk. It is available as 20 % of overall protein. And after making cheese the water remained is actually called whey water. You can use this water in your veggies or drink it by own. It contains the highest quantity of protein. The whey protein making company hydrate this whey water and make it powder and after filtration process and adding some flavors to it whey powder supplement comes in market. 750 liter of whey water makes 5.28 lbs of protein powder. That is the reason these whey protein supplements are so expensive.

Benefits of whey protein

• Highest quality of protein helps In muscles repair and muscles growth if you take it with intense weight training workout
• Whey protein helps in treating type 2 diabetes
• Whey protein helps in controlling blood sugar better than egg protein and fish protein especially taken before high carbs meals.
• Whey protein promotes the formation of glutathione, the main antioxidant of the body which increase the defense mechanism of the body
• Some researches showed long-term whey protein supplementation uses may lead to lower cholesterol level
• Whey protein work as filler so reduces hunger
• Whey protein not easily converted into fat, so it reduces weight and won’t make you fat

Who can take whey protein

It is debatable by some people but anyone can take this whey protein, yeah quantity may vary from person to person. Protein is the need of every human being so if you are not able to fulfill your daily protein requirement you can add this to your diet. It would be so beneficial for you. But due to its high value or anything if you don’t want to buy this supplementation then fulfill your protein requirement via different sources that I have mentioned and will also tell you in later articles.

How much whey protein you take?

Some claimed high protein intake may cause health disease, however, there is nothing proven fact about that.
If you do workout high intensity then already be taking so much protein and I don’t need to tell them about protein requirement but who don’t do workout can take up to 25 gram of protein from whey. As this protein is expensive try to fulfill your protein requirement from another source of foods.


Everything taken in excessive quantity is good, but if you are eating more than your requirements then it might become dangerous for you. That’s all for this article, I hope I provided bit information about whey protein if you still have any doubt you can ask in the comment section below. Thank you for giving time.

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